Gertrude Charity Duckett, a longtime member of Most Holy Rosary Parish in Rosaryville, died recently. She was 102 years old.

Born Aug.12, 1911 to Richard Duckett and Charity Jameson and baptized at St. Peter's Church in Waldorf, she was one of 22 children, 10 brothers and 11 sisters.

Father Isidore Dixon, pastor of the parish, said Duckett was "a faithful member of Most Holy Rosary Parish and a daily communicant until impeded by her advanced years."

Father Dixon said that "Gertrude's life was one of humble and joyful service: she was a midwife, caregiver, live-in nanny and day care provider for many children. Though unmarried and never having borne any children, Gertrude was called 'mother' by many."

"Charity was her middle name," Father Dixon said. "We do thank the Lord for the many years and the treasured memories we share of our dear Gertrude Charity Duckett.